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Cultural Dance & Story Telling

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Experience the merging of two of the world’s oldest living cultures

Island Stars specialises in unique Torres Strait Islander Cultural Experiences and Art which will take you on a special journey that explores Ailan Kastom (Island Custom) and two of the oldest living cultures in the world. Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures merge in this region creating an authentic experience that can be viewed nowhere else in Australia.

A visit to the Torres Strait region isn’t complete without experiencing one of Island stars cultural dance and storytelling shows.

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Cultural Experience

Join us for an unforgettable journey that will be bound in your heart and memories for many years to come. Being passed down from generation to generation, we invite you to come and learn about our sea-faring history, connection to the stars and land and our traditional hunting and gardening practices.

Our dance and storytelling show is unique in that it brings together two of the world’s oldest living cultures … Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and nowhere else in Australia do we see these cultures merge the way we do in our region.

Come and join us for an entertaining, educational and spiritual showcase of our traditional dance, story-telling, songs and music.

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Art Gallery

Torres Strait lino-carvings and paintings are nothing short of breathtaking! These skilfully refined prints are intricately detailed with traditional motifs, totems and graphics which create an everlasting extension of an ancient art-form used to adorn ornate functional items and ceremonial objects. These forms of low relief carving have been lying in a dormant state until just recently, with a growing number of contemporary Island artists utilising the traditional skills and techniques of their ancestors to pass-on knowledge, define experiences and preserve culture.

Lino artists are in fact pioneers, revitalising a once vibrant culture to the fore of how modern Australia understands Torres Strait islanders to culture and country.

Check out the collection of astonishing art we are creating, both lino-cut prints and paintings, and learn about the meaning and vision behind our work.

Discover Our Artwork

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